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Winton - Queensland's Tidiest for 2016

David Curtin - Thursday, December 22, 2016

The central west Queensland town of Winton has been named Queensland's Tidiest Town for 2016 by environmental organisation, Keep Queensland Beautiful.

Tidy Towns is the flagship program of Keep Queensland Beautiful. This well-known program aims to recognise and reward work occurring in towns across Queensland.

Winton, with a population of less-than 1000 residents, has today been awarded a four-star Tidy Town rating by Keep Queensland Beautiful for their commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable township.

Some projects that enabled Winton to be awarded the prestigious title include;

  • One Million Stars - community engagement
  • Geothermal Energy - a $3.5 million investment
  • Lark Quarry refurbishment
  • Long Waterhole protection (signage)
  • Free public WiFi
  • Integration of QR codes for tourists
  • Outback writers festival
  • Australian Age of Dinosaurs attraction
  • Willie Mar heritage protection
  • Winton War Heroes
  • Litter prevention through unique dinosaur shaped bins
  • Councillors going digital to reduce resource wastage
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan
  • Publicly available water usage information
  • Winton district historical society and museum

Winton's Mayor Cr. Butch Lenton is extremely proud and honoured to accept this award on behalf of the Winton community.

Cr. Lenton stated that "Winton is a unique part of Australia that quietly goes about its business in endeavouring to enhance not only the lifestyle experience of locals but also the many travellers who visit this wonderful little outback town".

Cr. Lenton further confirmed "we are fortunate to have community members, staff and volunteer groups who work for the betterment of the Winton community and broader region".

Keep Queensland Beautiful Chief Executive Officer, David Curtin commended the whole-of-community response to move towards a more sustainable community.

"From waste reduction and litter prevention, solar and geothermal energy, heritage and cultural projects, Winton, without a doubt is making a real effort to protect and conserve their natural environment"

"Tourists fall in love with Winton and I can see why".

Mackay recognised for sustainable initiatives

David Curtin - Tuesday, September 27, 2016

MACKAY has been awarded the Queensland Sustainable City title for 2016 by Keep Queensland Beautiful.

Vying for the prestige title, Mackay Regional Council’s submission for the Queensland Sustainable Cities awards provided great insight into environmental initiatives that are being undertaken in the region.

Mackay has been recognised for a number of key environmental projects; also taking out the Queensland Sustainable Cities awards for Resource Recovery and Waste Management, Water and Heritage and Culture.

Announcing the award winners today, Keep Queensland Beautiful, Chief Executive Officer, David Curtin said “the Mackay community should be proud of progress being made towards a more sustainable and liveable city,

“Council working in partnership with a number of organisations and community groups shows a commitment to a cleaner environment and a sustainable future,

“The high calibre of projects being undertaken across the Mackay region in line with best practice standards is commendable, not only for Council, but the whole community.”

Mayor Greg Williamson said council was honoured to receive the award on behalf of the community.

He said it was deserved recognition of the region and a range of initiatives and projects aimed at improving the liveability of Mackay.

“We all know Mackay is one of the best places to live and this award is confirmation of that.

“Council has driven a range of projects recognised by this award. The win pays tribute to the efforts of council’s directors and staff who have been behind these projects.”

The projects assessed included;

Lagoons Creek rejuvenation project, in partnership with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Reef Catchments, Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority, Pioneer Landcare and other local sponsors; Haber Excavations, Daily Mercury, Channel 7, various local schools and conservation volunteers Australia.

The $379,000 project, co-funded by Mackay Regional Council, Reef Catchments and the Department of Transport and Main Roads, included re-establishing aquatic and terrestrial connectivity between the Pioneer River and the Lagoons Creek wetland system, leading to improved water quality, increased biodiversity and general aesthetic enhancements, turning a heavily modified and degraded stretch of Lagoons Creek into a large wetland area, with numerous rock ramp fish ways and extensive revegetation.

The implementation of a Voluntary Mechanism for Stormwater Quality Management provides an alternative best practice management approach for managing operational phase stormwater pollutants from new developments.

The mechanism provides developers with options to contribute financially to catchment based stormwater quality improvement projects, to offset part or all of their stormwater quality treatment, above and beyond the State Planning Policy requirements.

Council partnered with Reef Catchments Limited to improve the quality of the water entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon from coastal urban development centres; the Little McCreadys creek rehabilitation project occupies approximately 4.5 hectares of council land and is a tributary of the main McCreadys Creek system.

The Little McCreadys Creek project is one of Mackay Regional Councils five priority implementation projects forming part of the voluntary mechanism for stormwater quality management, which will have many future benefits including fish passage, biodiversity, water quality, amenity, and aesthetics, cooling and reinstating natural systems.

After 10 years, Councils Materials Recovery Facility had reached the end of its working life. When the operations contract expired, Council looked at innovative ways to achieve greater efficiency in recovering all recyclable material.

Through a Design Build Operate contract with Recycling Design & Technologies, Council achieved a modern, highly efficient plant upgrade which includes an Australian-first optical sorting system, which has increased the region’s overall recycling rate by 38 percent.

In addition to the MRF upgrade, Council also introduced a glass crushing plant, which has diverted 2744 tonnes of glass product from landfill in 2015-16.

The recycled crushed glass is being used for bedding material under concrete, backfilling and subsoil drainage which is a significant cost-saving to ratepayers.

Mackay Regional Council was recognised for the Materials Recovery Facility upgrade project with the Queensland Sustainable Cities Resource Recovery and Waste Management Award.

The Sarina Water Recycling Facility is a $25 million state-of-the-art facility constructed to meet stringent conditions, given the plants proximity to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

The new facility replaced an existing 40 year old sewerage treatment plant, which operated using outdated technology and had no capacity to meet future demand.

The sophisticated system has reduced effluent disposal, which aids in the protection of the Great Barrier Reef and contributes recycled water for irrigation purposes to the local golf course.

Mackay Regional Council was recognised for the Sarina Water Recycling Facility upgrade project with the Queensland Sustainable Cities Water Award.

In May 2014, Council commenced refurbishments to the former Pioneer Shire Council building and adjacent parkland, as part of the Mackay City Centre Revitalisation Project.

Works on the iconic building included both external and internal enhancements to restore its original heritage character and the beautification of the adjacent parkland to create a valuable open green space in the City centre.

Mackay Regional Council was recognised for the Pioneer Shire Council building refurbishment project with the Queensland Sustainable Cities Heritage and Culture Award.


Keep Queensland Beautiful's programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.

The environmental outcomes of our programs include; increased environmental awareness and action, reduced litter, improved resource management and a cleaner, greener Queensland.

Outcomes for our communities include; good citizenship, pride and empowerment.

Through interaction with local governments, businesses, schools, community groups and committed individuals, Keep Queensland Beautiful encourages a statewide network of grassroots volunteers who work to deliver a cleaner, greener environment.

The Queensland Sustainable Cities awards program aims to recognise the work of community groups, business, government, schools and individuals in creating a cleaner environment for a sustainable future, for all.

The awards encourage, motivate and celebrate the local achievements of urban communities across Queensland.



Keep Queensland Beautiful, David Curtin (Chief Executive Officer): 0435 602 737

Mackay Regional Council, Cr. Greg Williamson (Mayor): 07 4961 9455

Withcott: Queensland's Friendliest Town 2016

David Curtin - Monday, August 22, 2016

The town of Withcott in the Lockyer Valley has been awarded the title of Queensland’s Friendliest Town for 2016 by environmental movement Keep Queensland Beautiful.

Since 1999, Keep Queensland Beautiful, as part of the iconic Tidy Towns competition, has awarded one outstanding Queensland town with the Friendliest title, based on set criteria judged by a panel of assessors.
This year assessors were extremely impressed by Withcott’s ability to achieve so much, with a strong community spirit - from a relatively small population of 1,000 (according to the last census).

The tireless work of local Councillor Janice Holstein, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council and wider community has paid off for Withcott; being awarded a 4 star rating in the Queensland Tidy Towns program in 2015.

“Civic pride is alive and well, with residents taking part in or initiating a number of community improvements and programs to make their ‘village’ more welcoming to visitors.” said David Curtin, Chief Executive Officer of Keep Queensland Beautiful.

The friendliest town award acknowledges a whole-of-community effort, not just Council’s contribution to advancing the community.

I am absolutely thrilled our town has won Queensland’s Friendliest town, as the people here are just terrific.

Having been involved with the Tidy Towns program for some 16 years, I’m so proud of the Withcott community for such an outstanding achievement, well done Withcott!” said local Councillor Janice Holstein, Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

Some highlights of the Withcott submission included:
  • An annual region-wide garden competition has engaged the local school (Withcott State School), with students taking ownership of developing and maintaining a range of edible gardens.
  • The Foothills Festival has become an annual celebration with in excess of 100 pieces of artwork, sculptures and photography displays and more than 50 stallholders and exhibitors.
  • A council-run mobile library visits on a fortnightly basis to deliver library lending services, provide information in the form of print, magazines and DVDs and offer their services to local schools.
  • Council supported a community-led initiative to add planter box gardens and a sense of place to a well-used truck-parking area on the Warrego Highway so the town itself retained and increased its own sense of village despite the location.
  • A men’s shed was established in the wake of the 2011 floods to assist with the human recovery, as men in the area still suffered depression, loss and on-going medical conditions caused by trauma.
  • Every Tuesday, a small group of volunteers generously give up their time to pick up litter on the Warrego Highway through Withcott, making sure the town is in top shape for visitors.

Without a doubt, and any visitor would agree, the township and people of Withcott are worthy of this esteemed accolade.

The winner of Queensland’s Tidy Towns competition will be announced on 19 October.

Keep Queensland Beautiful’s programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.

Keep Queensland Beautiful is a not-for-profit (apolitical) volunteer driven environmental organisation with a proud 48 year history of delivering successful anti-litter campaigns and education programs.

Our flagship program; Tidy Towns aims to recognise and reward work already occurring in towns across Queensland. The ‘awards competition’ has been adjusted to an accreditation program to better reflect the comprehensive approach that has been a part of the Tidy Towns ethos for many years.

Each town is now recognised through a 1 to 5 star rating system based on their performance in key focus areas; Environmental Innovation and Protection, Heritage and Culture, Community Spirit, Litter Action, Resource Recovery, Waste Management, Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency.

Queensland Tidy Towns started in 1974.

Previous Withcott Tidy Towns success:
2012: Litter Prevention Award for the “Litterbug” campaign.

// end

David Curtin, Chief Executive Officer, Keep Queensland Beautiful
M: 0435 602 737
E: dcurtin@keepqueenslandbeautiful.org.au

Queensland installs Australia's first Powerwall battery for solar trial

David Curtin - Wednesday, January 20, 2016
A Queensland government-owned power company has installed the country’s first solar battery storage system from Tesla as it begins a year-long trial into how it can reward consumers who cut their reliance on the electricity grid.

Energex, which has installed a Tesla Powerwall and another storage system from Californian company Sunverge at its Brisbane training facility, will collect data to work out how to integrate solar batteries into the network with financial incentives for customers.

Roma: Queensland's Tidiest Town for 2015

David Curtin - Monday, November 23, 2015

Queensland’s Tidiest Town

Keep Queensland Beautiful CEO, David Curtin, today announced Queensland’s Tidiest Town for 2015.  Keep Queensland Beautiful’s programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.

Our flagship program; Tidy Towns aims to recognise and reward work occurring in towns across Queensland. The Queensland Tidy Towns program has been adjusted to an accreditation program, to better reflect the comprehensive approach that has been a part of the Tidy Towns ethos for many years.

The accreditation rating provides participating towns with a 1 – 5 star rating, based on their performance in key focus areas; Community Action, Resource Recovery, Waste Management, Litter, Environmental Innovation and Protection, Heritage and Culture, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation.

The winning town; Queensland’s Tidiest Town has the opportunity to represent the Sunshine State at the Australian Tidy Towns awards – to be hosted and announced in Toodyay, Western Australia in March 2016.

Experts agree that civic pride is a critical factor in the development and improvement of any community. Tidy Towns provides an opportunity for communities to showcase their heritage and culture, innovative and natural environments.

This year, Roma has been rewarded for their innovative holistic efforts to keep their town clean and green.

Roma in the Maranoa district of South West Queensland is situated at the junction of the Warrego and Carnarvon highways. It is the centre of a rich pastoral and wheat-growing community.


With a modest population of 6,906 residents, Roma continued to impressed the Keep Queensland Beautiful assessment panel with their dedication to Resource Recovery.

Resource recovery is the selective extraction of disposed materials for a specific next use, such as recycling, composting or energy generation in order to extract the maximum benefits from products, delay the consumption of virgin resources, and reduce the amount of waste generated.

The people of Roma have made a conscious effort to divert waste from landfill, having implemented some innovative resource recovery programs, such as;

  • Drop Zone Roma (a 1 day eWaste collection event, collecting 1,200 kgs in electronic waste)
  • Mobile Muster (14.49kgs collected of mobile phones and accessories)
  • drumMUSTER (over 10,000 drums collected to-date)
  • Nugrow Composting Trial (20,000m3 green waste diverted from landfill)
  • Concrete Crushing (50,000 tonnes diverted from landfill and used to surface local roads at landfill)
  • Steel & Battery Recycling (1000 tonnes sold to recyclers)
  • Oil Recovery (20000L oil recovered)

Roma has been awarded a 3 star rating in the Queensland Tidy Towns accreditation.

The Queensland Tidy Towns accreditation provides formal recognition of the hard work that communities are already carrying out to foster long-term environmental and social health.

Through interaction with local governments, businesses and schools, community groups and committed individuals; Keep Queensland Beautiful encourages a state-wide network of grassroots volunteers who work together to deliver and greener and cleaner, litter-free environment.



Keep Queensland Beautiful, CEO, David Curtin: 0435 602 737

Brisbane still leading in sustainability

David Curtin - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Brisbane has been announced as Queensland's Cleaner Cities awards winner for the second year running by the NGO environmental movement; Keep Queensland Beautiful.

The Cleaner Cities Awards recognise the work of community groups, business, government, schools and individuals in creating cleaner urban communities.

The accolade encourages, motivates and celebrates the local achievements of urban communities across Queensland.

From an eligible 13 Council regions across Queensland, Brisbane City was rated highly across all eight (8) focus areas; Community Action and Partnerships, Litter Prevention, Resource Recovery and Waste Management, Environmental Innovation and Protection, Water Conservation, Energy Innovation, Heritage and Culture and Young Legends.

With a diverse range of projects assessed; Brisbane City Council has maintained their title as Queensland's most sustainable city for their commitment to reducing their environmental impact footprint and enhancing the lives of the whole community.

For example:

  • Council has a low emission bus fleet that is now 100% wheelchair accessible (from May 2015)
  • Roma Street Parkland has been awarded the first Queensland "Green Flag"
  • Brisbane Bin and Recycling smartphone application (launched November 2014) 
  • Tip Shops in partnership with Endeavour Foundation
  • Signatory to Flurocycle - recycling mercury based lamps
  • Garage Sale Trail partnership to encourage the reduce, reuse, recycle ethos across the City
  • Involvement in the Healthy Waterways Reusable Bottle Behaviour Change Program
  • Supporting the Community Conservation Partnerships Program (Habitat Brisbane, Creek Catchments and Environmental Education Centres)
  • a commitment for 40% bushland cover across Brisbane
  • Introduction and continued promotion of the Recycling Art Competition
  • Terracycle Cigarette Butt recycling trial; 100 bins collected 320 litres of cigarette butt waste
  • An impressive 50% reduction in littered items in the CBD and Fortitude Valley
  • 125 new recycling bins focused on away from home public place recycling
  • Litter Enforcement Team issued 6,680 infringement notices, attending 128 community events has seen a decrease in offences
  • Educational tools such as the Little Book of Litter
  • New litter prevention campaign encouraging residents and visitors to work together to keep Brisbane clean
  • A further 420 Council buses will be modified with a 5 minute idle shutdown to reduce carbon emissions
  • Established the Reduce Your Juice program with Citysmart, helping 1000 households save 19% off their annual electricity bills
  • Largest single purchaser in Australia of 100% Greenpower
  • A $120 million Better Bikeways program is the largest bikeway project in the World
  • A combined commitment of $10.7 million towards nine stormwater harvesting sites
  • Fostered an innovative and creative community with the Creative Brisbane: Creative Economy 2013-22 Strategy
  • The Mt. Coot-Tha Precinct underwent a four hectare expansion during the Legacy Way tunnel project, which has seen 31,000 native trees planted
  • and a continued effort Towards Zero Waste.

Brisbane City has quickly become a leader in sustainable practices, with the above dot points just some of the outstanding projects implemented by Council or supported by Council through partnerships with schools, businesses and community organisations.

Brisbane residents have a City to be proud of.

Beautiful Burleigh named Queensland's Cleanest Beach

David Curtin - Thursday, May 07, 2015

Burleigh Beach on the Gold Coast has been named Queensland’s Cleanest Beach for 2015 by Keep Queensland Beautiful.

The two-and-a-half kilometre stretch of pristine white sand beat a number of other beautiful coastal stretches to the award with its innovative cleanup efforts and community partnership initiatives.

“The Gold Coast is already famous for its beautiful beaches but we were impressed at how so many members of the Burleigh community came together to look after this precious resource,” said Keep Queensland Beautiful CEO, David Curtin. 

“Local schools, surf lifesavers, the Gold Coast City Council, a recreational running club, youth clubs and the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre have all come on board and this award recognises their efforts.” 

Some of the initiatives include:

Daily maintenance and beach sweeps
Beach care litter clean ups and audits
A butterfly corridor project
Water conservation strategies
Solar-powered beach patrol tower
A heritage trail
Dune plant propagation program
Outstanding school education through the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management.

“Some of the youngest members of the Burleigh community have been involved in achieving this award including the C&K Kindergarten and Burleigh Scouts,” said Mr Curtin. 

“If pre-school children are able to adopt the Keep Queensland Beautiful message, then surely the rest of us can do more to prevent litter, increase recycling and generally work to make Queensland number one in Australia.”

Member for Burleigh Michael Hart MP said he was thrilled to have Queensland’s cleanest beach added to Burleigh’s long list of achievements.

“Burleigh is home to world famous surf breaks, award winning restaurants and cafes, and now we can call Queensland’s cleanest beach our own,” he said.

“Burleigh has always been known as a great place to live, work and raise a family and now it is even greater,” Mr Hart said.

Councillor Greg Betts, who represents Division 12 on the Gold Coast City Council, was very pleased to hear the news.

“This award just backs up what the local residents and visitors to beautiful Burleigh Beach already knew – that this is one of the jewels in the Gold Coast crown.  Everyone loves the place so much, and they always take care not to destroy what they came to enjoy” said Councillor Betts.

The Gold Coast City Council takes a strong attitude to caring for the city’s beaches, and Burleigh beach is one of the most highly used public spaces in the city.  

Councillor Betts went on to say; “I congratulate the community on their efforts and I also take my hat off to the work of the Council staff who make sure our beach is clean, tidy and safe to use every day of the year”.

The Clean Beaches Awards program has been running since 1999.  Beaches are considered against key criteria: Community Action and Partnerships, Litter Prevention, Heritage and Culture, Resource Recovery and Waste Management, Water and Energy Conservation, and Environmental Protection and Innovation.

The Keep Queensland Beautiful Clean Beach Accreditation program is an opportunity for any beach in the state to earn a 1-5 star rating and enter Queensland’s Cleanest Beach awards. 

Coastal communities, councils, surf lifesaving associations, schools and other interested groups can become involved in the program. 

Burleigh Beach achieved a 4-star rating and will be considered for the national Clean Beach Awards Competition which will be announced in Sydney on July 21, 2015.

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Media Enquiries

To arrange an interview or for any further information please contact:
David Curtin - Keep Queensland Beautiful on 07 3252 2886 or 0435 062 737
Tegan Croft – Griffith Centre for Coastal Management on 07 5552 8829 or 0414 762 374

Tambo: a friendly bunch!

David Curtin - Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Queensland's Friendliest Town 2014

Tambo in Central West Queensland has been named Queensland's Friendliest Town for 2014 by Keep Queensland Beautiful.

As part of the official Queensland Tidy Towns criteria, communities are reviewed for their 'friendliness' by a panel of assessors.

Tambo have managed to impress the judges with their outstanding customer service information centre, variety of community festivals, tours and attractions; trails and walking tracks, conservation projects and initiatives and their dedication to preserve and protect the natural environment.

Congratulations Tambo!

2014 Round Up

David Curtin - Saturday, December 20, 2014


As the year draws to a close, it provides a great opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved over the past 12 months. For Keep Queensland Beautiful, 2014 was a busy year which saw us significantly enhance our programs.

Earlier this year we introduced accreditation across our two iconic programs; Tidy Towns and Clean Beaches, providing participating towns and beaches with a 1 to 5 star rating based on their performance in key focus areas.

Experts agree that civic pride is a critical factor in the development and improvement of any community - our renewed Tidy Towns and Clean Beaches accreditation is a platform built to bring the community together, to reward and acknowledge every town, not just category winners - like we have previously done.

The new tidytowns.net webpages will be updated over the Christmas holiday period to highlight the tremendous work our communities have achieved and that we, Keep Queensland Beautiful have had the privilege and pleasure of assessing across Queensland. We need to share these achievements, so our State can continue to grow and prosper. So our tourism economy flourishes and our people feel appreciated and thanked for their hard work.

Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast was awarded the Queensland's Cleanest Beach title, with Cooktown in Far North Queensland being named Queensland's Tidiest Town - two very diverse communities, one on the Queensland New South Wales border and the other, the most northern town on Australia's east coast.

I was delighted to visit both this year and acknowledge the hard work these two outstanding communities are undertaking to improve the environmental health of their regions.

I believe the renewed Tidy Towns and Clean Beaches programs will set a new standard, not just in Australia, but around the World.


On the back of hard work, came reward, with our Adopt-a-Spot program being acknowledged through the "Clean Up Award" by Healthy Waterways and Brisbane City being announced as Australia's Sustainable City for 2014 by the Keep Australia Beautiful National Association.

Importantly, Keep Queensland Beautiful also continued to expand the work it does in the community through our Adopt-a-Spot and Clean Up initiatives. We are extremely grateful for the continued dedication of 69 active volunteer groups, (with 552 volunteers), who conduct regular community cleanups across the Sunshine State.

We are currently compiling all litter data from the past 3 years to form the basis of our Queensland Litter Count report, due to be released in the first quarter of next year. I hope this report will provide our Government stakeholders with a better understanding of Queensland's current dirty littering habit and how Keep Queensland Beautiful's aims to address the behavioural issue over the next three years.

Our school education program; Cleaner Greener Schools experienced an overwhelming increase of 47% of engaged schools, reaching a successful 137 registered schools throughout Queensland. Just this month, I signed an MOU with Keep Australia Beautiful National Association to graduate our 5 star accredited schools into the EcoSchools Australia program. Our education team will work with eligible schools to ensure a smooth transition is achieved and their green-journey continues to be enhanced through further environmental education initiatives.

Overall, this year has been one of change and plenty of growth. I am extremely pleased with the progress we are making and the new and exciting opportunities that await us in 2015.

My team and I, wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy holidays.

On behalf of Keep Queensland Beautiful, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you and your community in twenty fifteen!




David Curtin

Chief Executive Officer

Queensland's Tidiest Town for 2014 is Cooktown

David Curtin - Tuesday, October 28, 2014
The iconic Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns program in Queensland has undergone a complete overhaul.

Formerly a 'competition' - awarding category honours in Environmental Protection and Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Heritage and Culture, Litter Prevention, Waste Management and Resource Recovery and Bush Spirit. The competition has been replaced by an accreditation program, acknowledging every participating town with a 1 to 5 star rating, based on key environmental focus areas.

For the first time ever, Keep Queensland Beautiful joined the line-up of presentations at the Local Government Association of Queensland annual conference in Mackay (27-29 October).

Click the image below to watch the YouTube video announcement shown at the Local Government conference.


Their outstanding Tidy Towns submission highlighted a number of grand achievements in all focus areas, from irrigation of all town parks along the waterfront, plans for one of the largest solar farms to commence over Christmas this year, enormous community spirit during the cleanup from Tropical Cyclone Ita, great tyre, battery and mobile phone recycling initiatives, along with an extensive network of street and public place recycling bins and surveillance cameras to issue penalty notices to those who continue to do the wrong thing.


Well done to the Cook Shire Council and the Cooktown community!

If you haven't yet joined us on Facebook or Twitter, you should.

Until next time,

David Curtin
Chief Executive Officer

M: 0435 603 737 (Media Contact)

E: DCurtin [at] keepqueenslandbeautiful.org.au 

SPECIAL NOTE: Queensland's Friendliest Town will be announced early December! Stay tuned!