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Roma: Queensland's Tidiest Town for 2015

David Curtin - Monday, November 23, 2015

Queensland’s Tidiest Town

Keep Queensland Beautiful CEO, David Curtin, today announced Queensland’s Tidiest Town for 2015.  Keep Queensland Beautiful’s programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.

Our flagship program; Tidy Towns aims to recognise and reward work occurring in towns across Queensland. The Queensland Tidy Towns program has been adjusted to an accreditation program, to better reflect the comprehensive approach that has been a part of the Tidy Towns ethos for many years.

The accreditation rating provides participating towns with a 1 – 5 star rating, based on their performance in key focus areas; Community Action, Resource Recovery, Waste Management, Litter, Environmental Innovation and Protection, Heritage and Culture, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation.

The winning town; Queensland’s Tidiest Town has the opportunity to represent the Sunshine State at the Australian Tidy Towns awards – to be hosted and announced in Toodyay, Western Australia in March 2016.

Experts agree that civic pride is a critical factor in the development and improvement of any community. Tidy Towns provides an opportunity for communities to showcase their heritage and culture, innovative and natural environments.

This year, Roma has been rewarded for their innovative holistic efforts to keep their town clean and green.

Roma in the Maranoa district of South West Queensland is situated at the junction of the Warrego and Carnarvon highways. It is the centre of a rich pastoral and wheat-growing community.


With a modest population of 6,906 residents, Roma continued to impressed the Keep Queensland Beautiful assessment panel with their dedication to Resource Recovery.

Resource recovery is the selective extraction of disposed materials for a specific next use, such as recycling, composting or energy generation in order to extract the maximum benefits from products, delay the consumption of virgin resources, and reduce the amount of waste generated.

The people of Roma have made a conscious effort to divert waste from landfill, having implemented some innovative resource recovery programs, such as;

  • Drop Zone Roma (a 1 day eWaste collection event, collecting 1,200 kgs in electronic waste)
  • Mobile Muster (14.49kgs collected of mobile phones and accessories)
  • drumMUSTER (over 10,000 drums collected to-date)
  • Nugrow Composting Trial (20,000m3 green waste diverted from landfill)
  • Concrete Crushing (50,000 tonnes diverted from landfill and used to surface local roads at landfill)
  • Steel & Battery Recycling (1000 tonnes sold to recyclers)
  • Oil Recovery (20000L oil recovered)

Roma has been awarded a 3 star rating in the Queensland Tidy Towns accreditation.

The Queensland Tidy Towns accreditation provides formal recognition of the hard work that communities are already carrying out to foster long-term environmental and social health.

Through interaction with local governments, businesses and schools, community groups and committed individuals; Keep Queensland Beautiful encourages a state-wide network of grassroots volunteers who work together to deliver and greener and cleaner, litter-free environment.



Keep Queensland Beautiful, CEO, David Curtin: 0435 602 737