Keep Queensland Beautiful's programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.

Adopt-a-Spot (including roads, parks, beaches, waterways and any public space) is a safe. healthy and enjoyable educational litter clean-up and prevention program, that gives local communities the opportunity to contribute to a healthier local environment.

Adopt-a-Spot mobilises an army of community-focused individuals, families, schools, community groups and businesses who clean their local adopted environment. The programs purpose is to engage and educate the community that littering is a social offense and an unacceptable action.

With over 174,000 kms of State and local government maintained roads alone in Queensland, litter removal is a major exercise, which is costly to the community.

Many Queenslanders are already walking to the bus stop, to school or work, exercising or walking the family pet - so why not be healthy and helpful to the environment at the same time?

Our mission:

Is to foster good corporate citizenship by encouraging groups to take personal responsibility for keeping their local communities clean and litter-free.

Volunteer groups..

Are given the tools and authority to remove litter, debris and graffiti, to enhance an agreed local roadway, street, park, a local beach, waterway or another public space (of your choice).

We work with...

Council and State Government to approve proposed adopted areas, conduct site safety inspections, provide necessary volunteer training (and insurance) and provide reports on items/volume being collected.

Removing the burden of costly clean-ups from Government, allows public monies to be spent on other priorities in the community.

Supported by:


Adopt-a-Spot activities may include:

It is the decision of the group which activities they wish to conduct:

Adopt-a-Spot will generally involve the collection and removal of litter on a regular basis. This litter will include items such as paper, plastic wrappers, tyres, packets, drink containers, bottles, cigarette butts, newspapers, magazines, etc. It is not intended to include large objects such as car body parts or truck tyres. It does not include the removal of dangerous or hazardous objects or dead animals.

Adopt-a-Spot may include the removal of graffiti from bridge structures, roadside furniture and local amenities.

Vegetation planting:
For suitably qualified and experienced groups, the scope of Adopt-a-Spot may be extended by agreement to include planting and maintaining landscape projects.

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