Clean Beaches is a fun, recognition incentive to help keep Queensland's beaches and shorelines litter-free and sustainable.

Originally launched in 1998, the awards competition aimed to challenge Queensland's coastal communities to prove they have the State's cleanest beach. This year, we have heightened the level of quality to the challenge by implementing an assessment and accreditation element. This is a chance to get some bragging rights for your sustainable actions or to strive for more to further your beaches journey. How do you think your local beach will rate?

Any beach can enter and we will provide all participating beaches with a formal recognition (1-5 star accreditation rating) for their commitment and provide a structure for those that would like to strive for higher accreditation.

Your submission will be used by the judges during their assessment, however, you may be asked to present the judge/s with further evidence of your program/s during the assessment period.

Accreditation Fee: $150.00 per beach

Accreditation Focus Areas:

  • Community Action and Partnerships
  • Litter Prevention
  • Young Legends
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Resource Recovery and Waste Management
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Innovation
  • Environmental Innovation and Protection



This is the beginning of the Clean Beach accreditation journey for your community. Individuals and groups guide actions and begin to understand and identify issues related to a clean, safe and environmentally sustainable beach.


The next stage is for your community to discover and to actively engage in finding out more about how to become a clean, safe and environmentally sustainable beach. What's around you and who might be able to help you further on your journey.


This stage is when your beach community as a whole really starts to change the way it does things day-to-day. Further thought focus should be channeled into planning for a cleaner, safe and environmentally sustainable beach.


To master practices and to put more into action, along with making sure your communities programs, activities and management are always being monitored and reviewed.


You have embedded knowledge and practice, and now have an ongoing clean, safe and sustainable environmentally friendly beach. You show leadership and wish to share this with other local beach communities.