Low Carbon Diet

Low Carbon Diet Program for School Communities  

IT'S NOT FOOD!!!!!!!! 

Keep Australia Beautiful Queensland, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Resource Management are encouraging Queensland households to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million tonnes by 2010, through the recruitment of 500,000 households, each reducing their carbon emissions by 2000kg a year and sharing their knowledge with others within their communities.

When we drive the car, take a shower, make a cup of tea, cook a meal, watch TV or listen to a CD we use energy and that releases carbon dioxide.Greenhouse gas emissions are created by the energy we use and are measured by the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere. The carbon footprint of the average Queensland household is almost 14 tonnes of CO2 each year (i.e. 40 kg/ day = 800 balloons full of CO2), which is on the higher side. By reducing our household carbon footprint we can all do something about climate change. Making simple adjustments to your lifestyle can reduce your carbon footprint!



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