Report a Litterer


Under Queensland's Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011, littering is illegal. The Act authorises the Queensland Government and local government agencies to take action against those who litter by issuing a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN), this may also include "on-the-spot" fines.

If you see someone littering from a vehicle or vessel, you may report this online to EHP using the littering and illegal dumping online reporting system , to your local government - or alternatively call 07 3040 2999 for assistance. 


The online reporting system now allows reporting via compatible smart phone or mobile devices. The mobile device does not restrict reports to vehicle based incidents and is open to all forms of reports.

What are the fines?

 Offence  Maximum penalty in court   Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) 
  Amount  Receiver Amount
Section 103(1)(a): general littering if the offence involves dangerous littering   $4,554.00  Individual  $455.00
     Corporation  $1,821.00
Section 103(1)(b): general littering   $3,415.00  Individual  $227.00
     Corporation  $1,138.00
Section 104(1)(a): illegal dumping of waste provision if the offence involves depositing a volume of less than 2500L of waste   $45,540.00  Individual  $1,821.00
     Corporation  $3,415.00
Section 104(1)(b): illegal dumping of waste provision if the offence involves depositing a volume of more than 2500L of waste  $113,850.00  Individual  $2,277.00
     Corporation  $7,286.00
Section 251: A person must comply with a compliance notice   $34,155.00  Individual  $683.00
     Corporation  $3,415.00
Section 265: giving false or misleading information  $189,560.00    

Please note: penalities are current at time of printing and may be subject to change without notice.

Not paying your fine can lead to court action or result in your fine being sent to SPER (State Penalties Enforcement Registry) which has the power to withdraw licences until the fine is paid.

Keep Queensland Beautiful is working with the Queensland Government to increase fines to deter people from littering and illegal dumping, and to reduce litter pollution across the State through a number of initiatives and campaigns.