It's a reputation no Queenslander would be proud of.

Queensland has been named the worst littered mainland State of Australia according to the latest National Litter Index (NLI) results, released by the Keep Australia Beautiful network.

According to the index, cigarette butts remained Queensland's and Australia's worst littered item, followed by paper, cardboard and plastic. While our recreational parks are cleaner and improving, our retail sites and shopping centres are shameful, and our Highways are strewn with litter and dumped items - either deliberately or by careless travellers not securing their loads when transporting goods or rubbish.


It's time to spring clean!

Take the City Spring Clean pledge to do the right thing, use the right bin and to change the dirty littering habits of others - and hold them accountable!


What do I commit to if I take the City Spring Clean pledge?

There are a number of ways in which you can become involved in our campaign.

  • Queenslanders will commit to keeping the land around their workplaces, home and neighbourhood clean, tidy and litter-free.
  • Schools will commit to educating pupils to look after their environment as well as keeping the land in and around their school clean, tidy and litter free.
  • Businesses will commit to ensuring that any waste they produce is handled in accordance with the law, they will promote responsible disposal of litter to employees and be a positive example to others.

I would like to take the City Spring Clean pledge, how do I go about it?
It's simple! Complete the below form:

I wish to take the pledge.

I pledge to:

  • help create an environment that is clean and litter-free,
  • support the aims and principles of Keep Queensland Beautiful,
  • follow the 'Do The Right Thing' code,
  • and encourage others to do the same.
* Required

I will 'do the right thing' and put litter in a bin
I will dispose of chewing gum in a bin
I will not produce graffiti
I will not dump rubbish
I will place cigarette butts in an ashtray not on the ground
I will pick up litter and keep the land in and around my home - my workplace - my neighbourhood clean and litter free
I will reduce reuse and recycle
I will encourage my family and friends to respect the environment
I will ask my family and friends to make a pledge to keep Queensland beautiful.


Other ways to get involved in keeping Queensland beautiful:

Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
  • Community groups, scouting and girl guides, corporates and schools can adopt a public place through our Adopt-a-Spot program.
  • Schools can register with our Cleaner and Greener Schools accreditation program.
  • Councils and Communities can nominate in our annual Tidy Towns and Clean Beach programs.
  • Clubs, pubs and shopping centres should become a Butt Free Zone.