Stop Litter

There is no excuse for littering. Litter arises as a result of deliberate and careless human behaviour. It is also caused by preventable occurrences such as mishandled domestic, commercial and industrial refuse; poor loading or unloading of vehicles and uncovered or insecure loads. It is spread by wind, water, traffic and animals.

Its cleanup is a significant cost to local governments.

There are four stages to tackling litter:

  1. Analyse the Problem

Before you even start to think about the solution - you need to find out more about the problem. Contact Keep Queensland Beautiful to ask for advice and assistance. You will then need to carry out a litter survey / audit in and around the area to find out how big your litter problem is and who or what causes it. Perhaps a questionnaire in relation to litter could also be carried out.

  1. Devise an action plan

When you understand the problem better, you have to think of ways to improve and solve it. Try to involve as many people as possible. Brainstorm ideas and select a few sensible actions.

  1. Measuring success

You must plan from the beginning how you will measure the success of your anti-litter action plan. This should include some form of regular monitoring.

  1. Maintenance

The most difficult thing is keeping the litter away permanently. You will know from your regular monitoring if and when litter is again becoming a problem. You may need to adjust your action plan to help maintain the success of your litter policy.

Keep Queensland Beautiful has a wide range of resources available that will be helpful to tackle the litter problem in your community.