Cleaner Greener Schools is an environmental sustainability 'accreditation' recognition platform for primary and secondary schools in Queensland. Every student is involved in a range of interactive learning experiences resulting in positive behaviour change. Accreditation provides an opportunity for schools to be recognised for their clean, green and sustainable actions through six key focus areas:


Registered schools each receive a colorbond durable metal sign to proudly display their star rating on the front of their school fence.

Every participating school receives a 1 to 5 star 'accreditation' rating (reviewed every 2 years), along with access to many helpful Resources including easy to follow lesson plans and engagement activities. 

Teachers/Educators can also access support from our Sustainability Education Officer, receive our monthly Sustainability in Schools newsletter and attend exclusive networking and workshop events.

Schools are given all the tools they need to follow a seven-step pathway to sustainability, or they can opt to create their own journey through establishing a School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) or Environmental Action Plan (EAP). 

Some schools' journey includes a visit from our recycling mascot; Bin-Jamin and the Rubbish Ranger*


What does sustainability look like in the classroom?”

Education for Sustainability (EfS) is an educational approach that aims to develop our students with the values and motivation to build awareness and knowledge on sustainability issues and to take action. EfS seeks to develop students who are able to think critically, innovate and provide solutions towards more sustainable patterns of living for the 21st century.


Besides the obvious learning and development opportunities, and environmental reward; Cleaner Greener Schools provides accredited schools with additional benefits:

  • Recognise your achievement with an official sign with your star rating proudly on display
  • Loan of citizen science kits (clean water science, enviro battery, solar science, windmill generator, turning garbage into games, salt water fuel cells, tin can calculator and potato clocks - amongst other fun and engaging activities)
  • Lesson plans and classroom activities across key focus areas (litter, waste, recycling, energy, water and biodiversity)
  • Assistance with establishing/delivering 1 special project (see example case studies)
  • Student leader representative on the Queensland Youth Environment Council
  • Access to the Queensland Sustainable Events Guide (great for school fete planning)
  • Hard-copy of the Cleaner Greener Schools Teachers Guide
  • Participate in the Trash Bucket Challenge 2020 competition (perpetual trophy award)
  • Recycling trailer visit and pop-up stall at school fete or other event
  • Bin-jamin (mascot) visit to school assembly or other event
** in development .... a 'remake' of a popular Walt Disney Golden Book story pantomine performance!

Students will achieve a greater understanding:
  • of the benefits of recycling and waste reduction
  • of issues surrounding litter, waste, recycling and other sustainable practices
  • of how waste and litter impacts the school and wider community
  • of actions they can take to reduce waste and litter and improve practices in other areas