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  Our National Recycling Week art sculpture competition has
now closed. Thank you to every school who participated.
We received so many wonderful entries!

The winners have been finalised. You can click here to see
the amazing masterpieces who took home the 1st, 2nd and
3rd place! 

The Cleaner Greener Schools accreditation provides opportunities for students, teachers, leadership teams and/or principal teams to follow an action plan that targets areas such as LITTER, WASTE, ENERGY, WATER and BIODIVERSITY. It will allow participants to be involved in a range of initiatives generating educational experiences and social awareness.

Participating schools receive formal recognition (1 to 5 star rating) for their environmental credentials.

  • To build further knowledge, skills and more advanced attitudes to issues relating to litter and waste
  • To inspire students and teachers to explore their school’s choices
  • To develop the capacity and networks of regional and remote teachers and inspire those involved to lead through actions
  • To align with the Australian Curriculum in Maths, Science and Sustainability
  • To align with teachers and schools requirements of professional development and implementation plans

Students will achieve a greater understanding:
  • of the benefits of recycling and waste reduction
  • of issues surrounding litter, waste, recycling and other sustainable practices
  • of how waste and litter impacts the school and wider community
  • of actions they can take to reduce waste and litter and improve practices in other areas





As a Cleaner Greener School you not only receive access to many helpful Resources, including an easy to follow Resource Kit, your school will have the support from our Education Officer, free e-newsletter subscription, networking opportunities and accreditation recognition for your school, highlighting any recommendations for future growth and improvement. Your school might achieve the highest level of accreditation, and share the pride of being a 5-star Cleaner Greener School!