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Our Programs

Our programs motivate people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.

Our Programs: 

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Tidy Towns - Tidy Schools - Tidy Suburbs

Clean Beaches

Cleaner Greener Schools


Not Waste

Clean Campus

Sustainable Sports

Wastewise Workplace

Recycle Right

Happy Homes

Secretariat for:

Queensland Litter Prevention Alliance

Queensland Youth Environment Council


One Minute A Day

Trash Bucket Challenge

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Tidy Towns
Clean Beaches

Our flagship program; Tidy Towns aims to recognise and reward work occuring in towns across Queensland.

Tidy Towns has been adjusted to an accreditation program, to better reflect the comprehensive approach that has been a part of the Tidy Towns ethos for many years.

Cleaner Greener Schools

Our Cleaner Greener Schools program offers accreditation recognition of 1 to 5 stars to primary and secondary school's cleaner and greener credentials, while providing opportunities for students, teachers and communities to build further knowledge, skills and advance attitudes to issues relating to litter, waste and biodiversity.