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Tidy Towns
Clean Beaches

accreditation and awards

Our flagship program; Tidy Towns aims to recognise and reward work occuring in towns across Queensland.

Tidy Towns has been adjusted to an accreditation program, to better reflect the comprehensive approach that has been a part of the Tidy Towns ethos for many years.

[ accreditation and awards ]
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Accreditation Rating

The accreditation rating provides each participating town with 1 to 5 stars based on their performance in key focus areas:

  • Community Spirit

  • Litter Action

  • Resource Recovery

  • Waste Management

  • Environmental Innovation

  • Environmental Protection

  • Heritage and Culture

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Water Conservation

The change to an accreditation program will mean that all towns, not just ‘award’ winning towns receive recognition for their efforts through promotion on an honour roll, in the new Our Queensland travel guide (including the dedicated website) and through roadside signage (for installation at each entry to your town).

The title (and award) of Queensland’s Tidiest Town will be decided by a panel of assessors and is announced (annually) to coincide with the opening of the Local Government Association of Queensland’s annual conference (in October).

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The ‘awards’ give a competitive edge to the Tidy Towns Clean Beaches program.

  • Community Champions Award,

  • Tidy School Award,

  • Environmental Pioneer Award,

  • Heritage and Culture Award,

  • Litter Legends Award (Individual, Council or Community/Business initiative),

  • Waste Warrior Award (Council or Business initiative),

  • Water Conservation Award and

  • Energy Innovation Award.

The Queensland Tidy Towns program provides formal recognition of the hard work that communities are already carrying out to foster long-term environmental and social health.

  • Boost community morale

  • Encourage positive social change

  • Promote local businesses, community groups, unique natural environment and cultural heritage

  • Encourage tourism

  • Enhance the reputation of the town as a great place to live

  • Receive supporting feedback from the judges

Tidy Towns Clean Beaches: Image
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