The Queensland Youth Environment Council (QYEC) is a diverse group of young Queenslanders aged between 12 and 18 years. We meet regularly to discuss key environmental and sustainability issues (including climate change, water use, renewable energy, waste and biodiversity conservation). 


      Natasha Lawrie
15, Brisbane

Natasha keeps one quote in mind; aspire to inspire, before you expire. Her aspirations in life are based around inspiring others and herself to connect, and acknowledge the environment. She loves hiking, mountain biking, photography and astronomy.

When asked what she would do, if she didn't have to study; Natasha said she would spend her days outdoors, trekking and cycling through countries, documenting and taking photographs, raising awareness of localised environmental issues.
      Tegan Carpenter
16, Gladstone

Tegan believes changes need to be made now to protect the environment and our wildlife, and that young people are the right people to make these changes, as young people are the future.

She is especially passionate about the marine environment, is an active school and community member who spends her time helping others, planting trees, and educating locals about environmental issues. Tegan is proud to represent Australia at the 2016 World Outrigging Sprint Titles.

    Patrick Brabant
13, Gold Coast

Since the age of three, Patrick has been passionate about animals and conservation. He regularly attends the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as a guest blogger and in July will become the ambassador of the naturally GC program run by the City of Gold Coast. 

He feels Queensland is lacking in environmental protection and that it is his responsibility to help repair and prevent further damage to Queensland's fauna and flora.
      Akrita Kaio
16, Logan

Akrita is an active community member with a keen interest in biodiversity. In her spare time, Akrita enjoys reading, listening to music and art.

She hopes her time on the Queensland Youth Environment Council allows her to educate and improve water usage in Queensland homes. 
      Rose Kearsley
15, Gold Coast

Rose is motivated and passionate about protecting our environment by reducing pollution and over-fishing in our oceans and addressing climate change and its effects on our coral reefs. 

She has achieved three distinctions in Royal Academy of Dance for ballet and is a keen long distance runner who enjoys gardening and reading. Rose hopes her involvement in the Queensland Youth Environment Council will further her skills to influence change on environmental issues impacting Queensland, but more specifically on the Gold Coast where she feels greater attention is needed.
      Isabella Reckenberg
15, Fraser Coast

Isabella strongly believes that environmental action needs to be made a priority now, in order to preserve Australia's wildlife and natural environment.

By becoming a Queensland Youth Environment Council member, Isabella would like to develop an action plan that will change the way young people work together to bring about change, by driving environmental protections that will benefit future generations. 
      Imogen Potts
13, Gold Coast

Imogen loves swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. She loves it so much she started a not-for-profit group "Responsible Divers" who regularly conduct cleanups of the sea way at The Spit on the Gold Coast. Imogen is keen to see the way we use single use plastics change and that a plastic bag ban in Queensland is achieved in the near future.  
      Shambhavi Mishra
15, Brisbane

Shambhavi has lived in eight different cities, exposing her to many different environmental issues. She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, skiing and biking. 

By joining the Queensland Youth Environment Council, Shambhavi hopes to achieve her goal of increasing protection for national parks - while lobbying for new national parks to be established.
      Olivia Adams
16, Toowoomba

Olivia's passion is to change the way people think about the environment. She is concerned about sustainable living, better treatment of animals and climate change.

Her love for the ocean and being immersed in nature drives Olivia's dream to one day work for the United Nations.

More committee member profiles are being added. (Last updated: 12/06/2016)