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Keep Queensland Beautiful assessors take into account every community's geographic, environmental, cultural and economic circumstances, and assess how efficiently and effectively the community uses the resources available to it in each award category. 
Award  Categories

Community Action and Partnerships

In this category we are specifically looking for evidence of partnerships which are focused on creating sustainability within the community, improving community spirit and improving the health of surrounding ecosystems. Great partnerships will incorporate multiple stakeholders, such as, council representation, local businesses and community groups.

Young Legends

This category is aimed at recognising the hard work of youth groups or individuals (ages 18 and under) demonstrating leadership through doing environmental work in their communities.

Litter Prevention

This category recognises efforts related to litter management, reduction and education initiatives. This may include, for example, installation of bins in, education programs or litter clean-ups.

Litter Champion

This category recognises efforts by individuals or a small group to reduce litter levels in their community and surrounding environment. This might include running educational sessions or doing regular litter clean-ups.

Resource Recovery and Waste Management - NEW!

This category is designed to recognize the efforts of groups to reduce waste and recover resources by transitioning the way energy and materials are used from a linear chain to a closed loop cycle. Strong entries will be able to demonstrate evidence of changes to consumption behaviors and innovative approaches to waste management and resource recovery. 

Environment Innovation and Protection

This category aims to recognise innovative principles and actions associated with developing sustainable communities. This category also recognises protection of the natural environment focusing on the conservation of native flora and fauna in local communities.

Catchment Champion - NEW!

This category has been created to recognise the important efforts of schools or groups in promoting and protecting healthy waterways and catchment areas. Strong entries will have evidence of large-scale, ongoing or long-term programmes that make good use of available resources to engage the community to promote catchment care.  These programmes should result in observable benefits to the catchment. 

Meet our Judges:

John & Lou Carothers

Ex-Infant teacher and Ex-Primary School Principal served in schools all over the state. Retired now but busier than ever. Busy looking after our 6 acre property, bushwalking, kayaking, travelling in our caravan, voluntary work for landcare. Both like travelling and visiting small towns and meeting interesting folk. ..