The Queensland Sustainable Cities awards program aims to recognise the work of community groups, business, government, schools and individuals in creating a cleaner environment for a sustainable future, for all.

The awards encourage, motivate and celebrate the local achievements of urban communities across Queensland.

Participation is by invitation only - please call (07) 3040 2999 during business hours to inquire.

Nomination fee of $200 (ex GST) + annual membership applies.

What sort of projects can be included?

Sustainable projects that:

  •      minimise and manage waste and litter
  •      encourage sustainable development and design
  •      encourage community pride
  •      develop strong partnerships between communities and local government
  •      encourage water conservation
  •      increase sustainable environmental awareness


    Community Action and Partnerships: Recognises achievement in community driven beautification projects, whole-of-council presentation and civic pride. Also recognises partnerships between government, business, industry and local community networks.

    Litter: Recognises community litter management, reduction and education initiatives.

    Resource Recovery and Waste Management: Recognises achievement in resource recovery and waste management including initiatives which conserve resources, recover and reuse materials, and the appropriate or improved processes of disposal of non-recyclable materials.

    Environmental Innovation and Protection: Recognises innovative principles and actions associated with developing sustainable communities. Also recognises protection of the natural environment, focusing on the conservation of native flora and fauna.

    Water: Recognise sustainable water management within communities, which has a combined innovative water conservation and water re-use initiatives at the private, industrial and municipal levels, benefiting society and nature.

    Energy: Recognises sustainable energy management which focuses on innovative energy efficiency measures and climate change issues.

    Heritage and Culture: Recognises communities which proudly preserve and value cultural history and protect their natural and built heritage assets.

    Youth: Recognises positive environmental outcomes which encourage and promote youth engagement and environmental education and/or achievement.

    Outstanding Achievement (volunteer) and Young Legends Awards are presented to individuals, community groups, schools or businesses who the regional body believes should be acknowledged for their contribution towards a cleaner, greener and healthier community.


    Entry submission deadline: COB Wednesday, 10 August 2016